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I’m a former wedding planner, event designer and shop owner turned digital marketer and creative business consultant. In fact, I’m celebrating 20 years in the special events and hospitality industries this year! Twenty years of knowing the wedding industry, how to plan a fabulous party, ways to style a beautiful setting, and understanding the mindset of today’s brides and grooms. As well as recognizing the exceptional artists and designers who craft incredible experiences for them. Ten years ago, I gave up my walkie-talkie and timeline to fill the then giant empty space of independent social media marketing. Who could promote and market weddings and event design better than a retired wedding planner? Needless to say, I was busy from day one and haven’t stopped since.

What I do now is stand beside you, the small business owner and creative entrepreneur, as you navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing, customer journey, and reputation management.

As a wedding planner I was, and had work, featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, InStyle, Grace Ormonde, The Knot, Philadelphia Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and on MTV’s Behind the Bash, and many other media. But when I left planning and went social, helping my clients and their work get featured has offered me even more reward. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to assist industry stars like Peter Callahan, Evantine Design, the Gourmet Advisory, and Elena Damy, amongst many others I’m not at liberty to mention. Amazing, talented, hard-working business owners who are passionate about producing events and selling products unlike anything else in the world.

I am inspired every single day by my clients and their commitment to their teams, industry and dreams.

Originally from California, I headed east, first to Arizona, then on to New York and Philadelphia before moving to Croatia. Yes, you read that right. Croatia. When I’m not on my two computers and three phones, I am exploring beautiful places, walking in the woods below my beautiful hilltop town and meeting friends for a coffee.

It’s a beautiful life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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I received the first Digital Nomad Visa in Croatia!


Once upon a time, I spent my days dancing with an award-winning dance and drill team.


Before I was a professional wedding planner I was a film agent in-training at the William Morris Agency in New York City.


I wasn’t blessed with children but I do have a gazillion cats running around as I rescue abandoned, sick or injured kittens. Someday, I plan to open a local animal rescue here in Croatia.


Coming in 2022, I’ll be launching a podcast for expats called Splintered Joy to share interesting stories and struggles of living in Croatia.

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