Maybe you have a wonderful new idea for a website, platform, service or product. Or, you already have a sexy new website or web application but aren’t sure what to do next to launch it. Hourly consultations offer one-on-one support to help you face issues such as:

You have a new website or product but don’t have a plan for promoting and marketing it;

You have a new service you want to add to your current business model and need help announcing it;

You need some help with customer service techniques for you or your team;

You have an idea for a new product, business, or service but need an unbiased opinion; or

You are experiencing growing pains and want advice on how to scale up or down to best maintain the customer service you stand behind.

Hourly consultations can be secured as needed by appointment or in an ongoing fashion with weekly committed calls.



If you’re looking to start a new project, need a boost of energy, or are simply feeling overwhelmed, you may benefit from short term assistance. Maybe you have the plan but no time to implement it? Or, as a small business owner you have no time to train someone but need immediate help. Some ways targeted special project time can provide guidance or hands-on assistance:

You have me perform a complete audit of your digital world, from reviewing your website, blog and social media accounts, to analyzing your main competitors performance and how you stack up;

Your new website or web application is stalled and you need me to manage the project for you;

Your first language isn’t English and need me to either write, or review and edit your website, case study, brochure, or social media captions;

You need a whole new social media marketing strategy, training for your team on how to support the plan, and three months of content creation, implementation and supervision; or

You have a new book in development and need me to manage the project for you, from photo shoots, to copywriting, and social media marketing.

Special projects are possible for short terms only but it’s best we discuss your needs and goals.



When you’re ready to bring me into your world to develop a new project, expand your current position, strategize your marketing, and/or implement creative content on an ongoing basis. This is where I become part of your team and we work together to create a custom-crafted brand story that is woven through every single touchpoint of your customer’s journey. The role I take in your operation can be customized to fit your needs and adjusted as the relationship progresses. Examples of what a monthly retainer agreement with me can be:

Designing, developing, and maintaining a new website, customer experience journey, and social media marketing strategy for your new business;

Acting as the Marketing Director for your existing business, including maintaining and updating your website, blog, and social media accounts with fresh content on a regular basis;

You need a copywriter on staff to keep your creative content consistently on message, voice, tone, and style; or

Serving as your Operations Director, developing, reviewing and implementing processes, programs, and funnels.

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